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I teach Philosophy at the University of York. I am Director of Research and teach and research on the arts and cognition. I also work on fiction, narrative, the emotions, irony, and cognitive archaeology.

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David Armstrong

The Daily Telegraph published my obituary of David Artmstrong on July 10 2014. They changed it quite a lot. I am not complaining but I prefer the original, which is here.

New Papers

For a paper on aesthetics and explanation in archaeology see here; for a paper on fiction and empathy see here; for a paper on cinema and visual attention to fictional characters, see here; For a paper on fictions and scientific models see here; for a paper on getting beliefs from fiction (with Anna Ichino) see here.


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  • Fiction as evidence

    Because of a debate about books with few (in this case no) female characters, we were reminded last week that Lord of the Flies has shaped the view of power enjoyed by several generations of...

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I'm writing a book on literature and knowledge.

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In 2015 I am giving a number of public lectures, colloquium talks, conference and workshop papers.

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I have published books dealing with fiction, film, imagination, the arts. My most recent book is Narratives and Narrators: A Philosophy of Stories, published by the OUP.

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