In December Peter Lamarque and I visited the Aesthetics Research Group at Fribourg where they are working on aesthetic normativity; we were shocked to learn, a few weeks later, of the death of our host, Fabian Dorsch. In the last week of March I taught at the Gottingen Summer (Spring?) School, "The role of empathy and emotion in understanding fiction" and spoke at a workshop on art and emotion at Marburg. In the same month I went to Jerusalem to work with my friend Tzachi Zamir on the concept of adaptation in literature, giving talks to philosophers and cognitive scientists in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv; I also spoke at a workshop in Geneva organised by Patrizia Lombardo on art, imagination and mental states. In late April I gave a talk at the Prague Kafka conference.

In September 2017 I gave talks in Estonia, Greece and New Zealand:  7-9 September 2017 was the conference “Emotions, Morality, Social Understanding” organized by the Centre for ethics and Centre for Excellence, University of Tartu; from 13-15 September was "Beyond Meaning", University of Athens, Greece; on 20 September I talked to the Philosophy Department, University of Otago. 

On October 5 & 6 I was at the LSE conference: Bridging the gap: scientific imagination meets aesthetic imagination; my talk is on Learning by imagining: science and fiction.


Between 24-28 October I'll give three talks in Italy: on the 24th I talk at the University of Bologna, on the 25th at the University of Parma and on 27th (probably) at the University of Florence at the conference From the Aesthetic Mind to the Symbolic Mind. Perceptual Dynamics, Mimetic Practices, Human Theatricality. My paper at the Florence conference will be on Acheulean tools as aesthetic and sybolic objects. 

16-19 November is the American Society for Aesthetics National meeting in New Orleans. On the 17th at 2.45 I am in a symposium on adapation (mostly in film) with Eileen JohnDeborah Knight and Tzachi Zamir.

In December I am back in Italy, talking to the students of Carola Barbero at University of Torino on the 6th and, again to philosophers,  University of Padova on the 7th.

On 1-2 February 2018 I am visiting the University of Miami to give the Olazabal Lecture in Aesthetics and to take part in an author-meets-critic workshop on my work.