In 2016-17 I will teach one undergraduate module for third years: Philosophy of Film. We discuss questions in the metaphysics, aesthetics and ethics of film: How does film represent? What is film style? How does film misrepresent?

I have taught philosophy of mind modules as well as modules on Darwinism and religion and on recent philosophy of language. A long time ago I taught logic and history and philosophy of science.

I sometimes teach master’s level courses on the philosophy of art, covering central issues in aesthetics such as the nature of aesthetic properties, values in art, and the debate over aesthetic objectivity. A follow-on course has focused on the relations between art and cognition, covering such topics as the evolution of aesthetic sensibility and the way that the mind is represented in literature and in psychology. I have also taught research methods at Masters level.

I currently supervise five doctoral students (one registered at Stockholm, the others at York, one joint with the Department of Theatre, Film and Television). Andrew Haggerstone is writing on the evolution of language and imagination; Jamie Cawthra, who won the British Society of Aesthetics Prize scholarship in 2015, is working on the aesthetic consequences of imaginative resistance, Maria Forsberg is writing on, among other things, authenticity in art, David Austin is writing on the nature of assertion, and Harris Seitanidis is working on the poetics of television Recently I had the pleasure of hosting an excellent student from Central European University, Laszlo Kajtar, who is working on narrative and communication. I'm always happy to welcome doctoral students who want to work with me for part of their studies.

Past doctoral students include Jon Jureidini, now Chief Child Psychologist at Adelaide's Women's and Children's Hospital, Catharine Abell (Manchester), Nick Jones (York), Tom Cochrane (Sheffield), Fenja Ziegler (Lincoln), Daniel Acquah (Centre for Education Research and Practice, Manchester), Francesco Gentile (now at Barcelona in their Linguistics program). Fenja and Daniel were joint with Psychology. Recent graduations are James Andow (now at Reading) and Anna Ichino, now Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Antwerp. Andrew Hirst, Ben McGorrigan and Tom Baker also recently graduated.