In April 2016 I gave two talks in Geneva: one to the Thumos group on contagion and our emotional attachment to authentic objects, and one at a workshop on art and emotion organised by my friend Patrizia Lombardo; my paper will be on quasi-emotions.

On 8 June Josh Landy from Stanford visited us at York and we had a small workshop on literature and philosophy for that day. Later that month (15 June) I spoke at the conference on Imagination and Legal Reasoning at Queen Mary along with Josh, Suzanne Keene, Ken Walton, Margrethe Vaage and Paul Harris.

On 18 June I was involved in York Festival of Ideas session on The Origin of Shared Feelings organised by Penny Spikens (York, Archaeology) with Iain Morley (Oxford, Anthropology) and Paul Pettitt (Durham, Archaeology).

In October I spoke at the "Epistemology of aesthetics: facts, models and theories" conference, Aix-Marseille Université (October 20); later that month I was the invited speaker for this year's Spanish Inter-University Workshop on Mind, Art and Morality (Valencia, October 26-28). The topic was The Cognitive Value of Literature.


In December Peter Lamarque and I visited the Aesthetics Research Group at Fribourg where they are working on aesthetic normativity; we were shocked to learn, a few weeks later, of the death of our host, Fabian Dorsch. In the last week of March I taught at the Gottingen Summer (Spring?) School, "The role of empathy and emotion in understanding fiction" and spoke at a workshop on art and emotion at Marburg. In the same month I went to Jerusalem to work with my friend Tzachi Zamir on the concept of adaptation in literature, giving talks to philosophers and cognitive scientists in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv; I also spoke at a workshop in Geneva organised by Patrizia Lombardo on art, imagination and mental states. In late April I will give a talk at the Prague Kafka conference. Later, in September I will speak at a conference in Athens titled "Beyond Meaning". In October, I will speak at a conference in Florence on the Aesthetic Mind to the Symbolic Mind.