On 27-28 September 2018 I spoke at a conference ‘Remote Access: The Philosophy, Anthropology, and Archaeology of Remote Visual Conspicuousness’ at the Institut für Philosophie, Freie Universität Berlin. Other speakers include Whitney Davis, Marilynn Johnson, Marion Lauschke, Lambros Malafouris, Sam Rose, Jakub Stejskal, Marilyn Strathern.

In October I gave talks at Universities of Turin (a conference on "The Documedia Revolution”) and Milan (at a workshop on imagination organised by Anna Ichino).

On December 4 I gave a talk on "Agency and cause in stories" in the Seminar Recherches contemporaines en narratologie at the Centre de recherches sur les arts et le langage (CNRS/EHESS), Paris.

On 22-23 February 2019 I spoke on "fiction and imagination: how close is the connection?" at the Bergen workshop on Storytelling.

On 8-18 April I was in Prague to speak at the The XIV Prague Interpretation Colloquium Thinking and Speaking about Fictional Worlds, hosted by the Department of Analytic Philosophy Institute of Philosophy, the Czech Academy of Sciences, and the Theatre Faculty of The Academy of Performing Arts.

On 2 May I was at the Royal Society and British Academy Workshop on Narratives and Science.

On 3-4 May I was due to speak at the University of Kent for the workshop Conversations on Empathy: a multidisciplinary encounter. In the end I was unable to attend. I also had to cancel talks in the week of 6 May at the Philosophy Department, the University of Iceland,

On 30-31 May I spoke at the Bratislava modal metaphysics conference.

On 12-14 June I was in Warsaw at the European Society for Aesthetics in s symposium with Stacie Friend on learning from Fiction. My talk will be on literature as thought experiment.

On 17-18 June I was in Turin to speak at the FINO GC / SIFA Midterm Conference on "Fiction and Imagination as Grounds for Counterfactual Reasoning, Scientific Modeling and Thought Experiments" along with Fred Kroon and Desna Weisberg. 

From 15 to 28 July I taught in the York-Beijing Normal University Summer School in Philosophy at York.

On 24-25 October I was in Budapest for the Mental fictionalism conference, speaking along with Tim Crane, Adrian Downey, Arnon Levy, Bill Lycan, Meg Wallace, Amber Ross and others.

In December I was a keynote speaker at the inaugural conference of the International Society of Fiction and Fictionality Studies, Paris.

Further speaking engagements have been delayed by the covid-19 epidemic. There will be more information here when I have it.