I have just now completed a near final draft of Imagining and Knowing: the Cognitive Power of Fiction, which is under contract with Oxford University Press. I hope it will be published in 2019. 

With Tzachi Zamir I recently completed a paper on the idea of adaptation. We focus on the relations between Macbeth and Kurosawa's Throne of Blood. It is due out with the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism.

My paper "Pictures and their surfaces" is now out in a volume of essays on the aesthetics of painting edited by Jerome Peletier and Alberto Voltolini, The Pleasure of Pictures. 

In September 2018 I begin a three-year research project funded by the Leverhulme Foundation entitled "Learning from fiction". Co-investigators are Heather Ferguson (Psychology, Kent) and Stacie Friend (Philosophy, Birkbeck). The project funds two doctoral students (Kayleigh Green, Jacopo Frascaroli) and a research assistant in psychology (Lena Wimmer). Here is a brief statement of the aims of the project:

"Critics and philosophers claim that fiction is a source of truth or insight; others in the same fields deny this. The debate has, however, rarely been informed by the kind of evidence that current psychology is producing on this topic. And while psychological work in this area is welcome, much of it so far does not address the claims in the critical and philosophical literature. The project brings these strands of research together. Combining state-of the-art experiments with a philosophical framework for thinking about learning from literature, it will strengthen existing evidence in ways that address the concerns of humanistic scholars."

I am also currently writing on authenticity as a value in art, in archaeology and in celebrity goods.